Welcome to this website thing

My name is Robin—hi!

I'm from Geneva (Switzerland not Ohio). After living in Berlin for four years, I recently moved to the Monts d'Ardèche region in Southeastern France, and live in a 200-year-old former silk worm farm that my grandparents turned into a home.

I work as an frontend engineer, which pays the bills and serves as my excuse for the poor design of this thing. These days, when I'm not sitting at my company-issued laptop, I like to climb, read, drink wine with bread and cheese, and do a lot of other stuff that I'm not going to list here for the sake of your time and mine.

This thing is an old-fashioned static website with very little fluff. For now it has a log of films I watch in watching, and things I write in notes. (NB: since moving to France, I started to write some notes in French (my native language, bonjour baguette). A language filter is coming soon but in the meantime, feel free to ignore these/use a translator, you know how this works.)

Enjoy browsing, and if you want to get in touch (compliments, praise, applause, flattery etc.), my email is my first name

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