About this thing

This is an old-fashioned static website made of HTML, CSS, and a few sprinkles of vanilla JavaScript. Read on for details.

Building: I didn't want to spend time updating npm dependencies for my personal website, so I made my own small static site generator: brut (forever in alpha, use at your own risk). It mostly takes care of building HTML from markdown and running custom build-time scripts.

Hosting: the website is hosted for free on Cloudflare Pages (thank you!). Highly recommended.

Design: all colors are from your browser's default stylesheet, so please forward any complaints to your browser vendor. Joking aside, the goal here is to keep things clean and minimal, and lean into platform defaults as much as possible. Pages will look slightly different deending on which browser you're using.

Browser support: I do my best to support any browser (maybe not as far back as the IE days) by using the platform (TM). Most things should also work without JavaScript, which I only use for progressive enhancement. I personally use Firefox on both desktop and mobile, so it should have optimal compatibility. If you run into any issues, let me know and I'll be happy to take a look.

Sustainability: I try to keep page weight as low as possible by optimizing assets (especially images) and lazy-loading heavier images. This website also caches assets pretty liberally, to optimize repeat visits. In the future I'll look into hosting it on a home server (solar?) because let's be honest, this doesn't really need to be on Cloudflare's 275 data centers across the world.


I do my best to keep this website compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA. If you are experiencing any issues while browsing, please reach out and I'll address them asap.

A very short privacy policy

This website doesn't track you (at all).

I do have access to data such as page views on the server but (a) the data is completely anonymous and (b) I don't really look at it.