Streamed 1955 psychological horror film Les diaboliques1 on MUBI, where Clouzot's 1942 debut The Murderer Lives at Number 21 is also showing (on my watchlist).

I wasn't sure what to expect—hadn't heard of it nor of Clouzot—and I loved it! That's the kind of stuff that MUBI is great for. The plot is very very good so I won't say anything about it at all, watch the film! I did love the film's ending screen, that reads:

Do not destroy the interest that your friends may have in this movie.
Do not tell them what you have seen.
Thank you, on their behalf.

The film also inspired Hitchcock's Psycho, which of course makes me want to rewatch it along with the rest of Hitchcock's work.



  1. why has the plural been stripped from the English translation of the title?