Bit disappointed by this one (Operation Fortune (2023) by Guy Ritchie).

I loved other Guy Ritchie action films (the Sherlocks, The Gentlemen) but this one was just... meh?

  • it felt slow—the other Ritchie films above have such an incredible RHYTHM to them! In the opening scene of Operation Fortune I thought "yesyesyesyes!", but the rest of the film didn't hold up
  • tried too hard? Most of the comedy felt forced and cringy
  • plot was dumb with (spoilers sorry) a useless this-is-trendy-let's-namedrop-it AI edge to it; some nice movie-star-used-as-bait potential was smoothed over

But! Hugh Grant is great, Josh Hartnett's and Aubrey Plaza's characters too (I don't think I've seen either of them before on film?). Jason Statham is Jason Statham

Ritchie has another film scheduled for release next month already (!) but I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I should probably watch Snatch (2000) instead, and you should probably just skip Operation Fortune