A man emerges from the desert, scrubby and mute, four years after he disappeared without a word. As he gets his life back on track and tries to reunite with his family, we start to learn about the reasons he left.

This was the first film I saw (I think?) by acclaimed New German Cinema director Wim Wenders. Paris, Texas won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1984. The film spent months and months on my watchlist, and I'm ashamed that this long-overdue watch was only motivated by the fact that MUBI was taking the film off of its catalog.

I loved the contrast between the gentle pacing and the violence of some of the story. Beautiful shots and photography (the colors! High contrast low saturation on a bright decor esp. in the final scenes, wonderful). The whole thing felt free, light, real. A pleasure to watch!

A nice take on the film, by Guy Lodge for The Guardian