The tagline of the Roamin' The Empire blog says it all:

Archaeological Travels Through The Roman Empire

Now I'm not really into archaeology, but this is great!! You can't not love the level of specialization and detail. And what a wealth of information! Look at that map of visited sites! It reminds me a bit of websites like seat61.

With my limited knowledge about ancient history I could only skim through the post on the ancient settlement of Erix (today Erice, Sicily, that we visited last week), not fully understanding things 1. Guess that the kind of people who would understand+love this blog are the same that could understand+love the Neapolis archeological site near Siracusa (not me).

Still: Roamin' The Empire will henceforth be on my list of resources to check out when traveling around the Mediterranean, and maybe it should be on yours too!


  1. there's also one on Genava (Geneva, Switzerland) where I'm from, one on Turris Lybisonis (Porto Torres, Sardinia) where we're heading today, and many many others