Wow what a long note name. Suitable for a long film—the longest American animated film there is at 140 min (still a far cry from the longest animated film period, Japan's 168 min In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World).

A long film with such an incredible variety of styles that the amount of work that must have gone into it is hard to imagine. In fact it might be a bit too much work, with animators denouncing poor working conditions.

But! The film is a great watch, impossible not to be amazed at the animation. Less novelty than in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) but I'd watch a lot more of this before it starts wearing me out.

Across would be a solid 8 for me (with Into being a 9) if not for its ending. I didn't expect the massive but poorly executed (in my opinion) cliffhanger—frustrating. One of the directors said it was like in The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars Episode V, considered one of the best sequels of all time and a pioneer of cliffhanger endings), but it made me think of Harry Potter 7 part 1 instead. Cutting a long film into two doesn't make for a good cliffhanger: it's a sloppy, annoying, unsatisfying ending, especially when it's clear that the next film won't come out any time soon (the next Spider-Man movie, Beyond, is undergoing production issues). Anyway rant over this is a 6.