Stumbled on the Stripe Climate program1, but another recent Stripe launch came to mind... isn't Stripe also getting into crypto?

It is, and you read about both Stripe's commitment to the climate and Stripe's investment in crypto on the Stripe newsroom:

A screenshot of a list of Stripe news. One title from December 2021 reads "Stripe Climate increases carbon removal commitments to $15 million", while another from April 2022 announces that "Stripe introduces global crypto payouts".

I can see this kind of absurd/antithetical situation happen in government (one branch working on e.g. policy to reduce emissions while another invests in fossil fuels), but Stripe being a <5000 people company, it surely can't be as siloed/complex? How does Stripe leadership reconciliate this—what's their story here?

The question must have come up in an all-hands, I wish I was there to hear the answer.


  1. ...via A mental model for combating climate change that someone shared, authored by the Stripe Climate team lead.