2022 anime film by Japanese mangaka-turned-director Takehiko Inoue, based on his 1990s basketball manga Slam Dunk.

We don't usually watch animes — this had been on our to-watch list mostly because it came highly recommended by David Ehrlich.

It was good! I liked the film's structure: one long basketball game with flashbacks into each player's backstory. The stories themselves didn't really pull me in, though: I found them pretty cliché/shallow, a bit too high-schoolish for my taste, with every character being a tortured teenager. And somewhat hard to follow sometimes.

The animation was — unsurprisingly — what stood out to me. Ehrlich says it best:

Inoue exploits the medium’s temporal elasticity to create a level of character detail that would seem impossible to sustain with live-action.

Wish I had such good words.