Week 47 (20–26 November 2023)

Busy ranting so this will be short:

Sunny cold

Sad news came midweek, heading to Geneva for a couple of days next week to be with family

Olives all picked, most of them will be pressed for oil, I saved three samples (different varietals) to try to preserve "fachouire"-style but it's not really working so far

Climbing: Monday boulering, Wednesday multipitch but it was too windy/cold so we gave up after the first pitch, still our first rappel by ourselves with C, Saturday bouldering comp, official departmental qualifiers so judges were looking at each attempt weird

Back pain since last week, went to the osteopath and it got better. But the comp was the day after and it got worse again

Trip planning intensifies, working through our long list of things to do by Dec. 14th