Week 49 (4–10 December 2023)


Fondue #2 with A.

Fondue #3 with F.

I am mostly fondue


Last full week

Met some friends for the last time (before 2025)

Last multipitch climb, we'll try not to forget the techniques we learned over the year while we're away. We started climbing the Directissime du crabe in Mazet (4c/4c/5a/5a/5b/5b), but it seems to have been unbolted recently after the second pitch?? Rappelled down

Last weekend here, spent at a training: learning to recognize and find meteorites. Geology and planetology basics, looking at meteorites under a polarized light microscope, looking at rocks that make up the old houses of Chassiers (sandstone). Part of the citizen science project Vigie-Ciel (FR) that our association partners with.

The next days will be our last here, we're driving to Geneva on Thursday. Over there, Bouvier's L'usage du monde has been made into a play and is showing at the Théâtre de Carouge, but it's booked out. I made a scraper to try and find seats.


Two bullet points, but that's 4 feature-length films and three one-hour TV specials.


Last chance to read graphic novels, we got a last batch at the library: